Our company’s success is built upon the cornerstones of higher quality standards and precise workmanship.

They have been a part of our philosophy and our everyday operating procedure since our company was founded in 1987. We have always felt strongly that simply following minimum specifications would not be enough. We knew we had to put something special, something of ourselves, into each step of the greater process. That sense of pride has nurtured our business from the beginning with smaller jobs growing to large-scale projects, adding staff, departments and capabilities along the journey.

Many years of commitment and valuable experience at the technical and management levels would provide the foundation from which we would grow. Belief in honest practices and responsibility would be the framework around which we would build. Pride in doing superior work would be our reward…and yours.

United Mechanical constructs quality systems to an impressive range of specifications for projects of all sizes, scope and type. Our extensive resume demonstrates experience in a broad range of mechanical systems and designs, including chilled water, condenser water and thermal storage applications, creating comfortable environments in a wide variety of facilities including hospitals, schools, government buildings, churches, auditoriums and correctional facilities.